Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Tree of Cupcakes

On a quiet evening in mid-December, Amanda and I felt inspired to make something. Poking around the pantry and fridge produced some Cool-Whip, cake mix, and gel coloring. So we made a Christmas Tree of Cupcakes. We used some Ziploc freezer bags to mix the coloring into the Cool Whip, and then we snipped off a corner so Amanda could put the pink ornaments on the cupcakes.

This can be easily adapted to any occasion: daisy, sun, heart for Valentine's Day, etc.

(click on photos for larger images)


gina said...

unnie! that looks muy delicious!!! amanda is just adorable. please update as much as you can, reading over your blogs make me happy. it makes me feel as though I haven't missed anything in your life.

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